Clothes For Fun AT Picnic Bazaar @ Ecoba

Clothes For Fun will be at Picnic Bazaar @ Ecoba on the 1st of October 2011, this Saturday from 5pm to 10pm!!
So mark that down on your calendars!!
We will be at BOOTH 19!

What's happening at Ecoba this Saturday, you ask? Well, TONZ!
The event will be from 5pm to 3am, you can check out the list of activities here. Heard they have crazy bull, dunk-it, beerlympics and other crazy stuff! So come over and check out what they've arranged for everybody :D

Don’t miss out on anything!
Catch us on the
1st of October 2011 (that’s a Saturday)
From 5pm to 10pm!

Ecoba @ PJ Trade Centre

So damn excited!
See you there peeps :D

Clothes For Fun

Our work in progress preparation for this coming Saturday! Look for this sign and we'll be there!